Labnow is an online health clinic. We specialize in ED treatment including Sildenafil and Tadalafil erectile dysfunction prescription treatments.
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Refund Policy & Auto-Ship Policy


General Rules:
By law, once a prescription has left the medical office or pharmacy or medical practice it may not be returned for resale. If we made an error while filling your prescription, we will refund your costs.
We are not responsible for:
Errors made by the physician/physician staff when ordering your prescription
Failure of the patient to attain the package in a timely manner after delivery
Dissatisfaction with a medication due to the side effects, or lack of efficacy
Errors made by the patient
It is your responsibility to inform our staff of changes in your personal information, change of address and change of insurance.

Auto-Ship Policy:
The Auto-ship program is very flexible. We can adjust your order at any time prior to your scheduled shipping date. However, making frequent monthly adjustments does not constitute an automatic shipment and may result in shipping delays or errors.
You must email or call Customer Care one (1) day prior to your products auto ship schedule.
As an added convenience, you will receive an automatic email reminder approximately 8 days prior to your scheduled ship date. If you need to make any changes to your order or ship date, please contact Customer Care at 314.398.9900 or email support@labnow.com.

We will not call you each month to verify shipping address, medications, or authorize costs.
You may receive an automatic email with tracking information when your order has shipped. You may sign up for these automatic emails by contacting Customer Care.